I've officially moved my One Piece OC, Cobalt L. Lux to this wiki. I've also thought I made final adjustments to her character, but surprise, surprise!

I was watching On Stranger Tides for inspiration, and I got more inspiration than planned, but I'm not complaining. So, a piece of Lux's backstory, her father is Marshall D. Teach, aka Blackbeard! Angelica has influenced two of my OCs. (Check Victoire Devereaux.

Since I also finally think I figured out the name gig, Cobalt doesn't fit as her real name. So I made it a codename to explain the weirdness. So her birthname is Shira L. Teach (since she is Blackbeard's daughter), her changed name is Lux Dolohov (to give her that Russian vibe), and her codename, now adopted as her pirate name, is Cobalt. L Lux.

I've also started Fullmetal Alchemist, so it was onoy a matter of time before an OC developed. Her name is Mari Rosalia, the Stormy Sniper. You'll need to give me time to figure out the rest of her story.