I just found out hiw to work this feature, so here I am, with my blog. I'll be giving updates to this wiki here.

First off, I changed Ailiz Nightwolf's actress from Kendall/Kylie Jenner to Megan Fox. But I might say that the twins portray her in the movie while Megan is her in the series. XD.

While I'm still on the Shadowhunter fanon, I've successfully picked all the actors and actresses for the characters in the Shadowhunters TV series! I must say, Cecile went through alot of actresses before I decided on Elizabeth Reaser. I might change Elena's to Ginnifer Goodwin, I don't know yet.

I will be soon putting all my One Piece OCs here too. There are some things I just can't write on the wiki. However, my Bleach OCs will stay on their own wiki, because it will be too much of a hassle to move them here.