Nakasuky Zen (also spelled as Nakasuki Zen) is a senior member of the Survey Corps and the captain of the Battle Legion. She is the third strongest soldier of humanity after Levi Ackerman and Mike Zacharias, as well as a Titan Shifter, known as the Electric Titan, and the cousin of Hanji Zoe.


Human FormEdit

Nakasuky is a young woman with ruby red eyes and wavy inky black hair. Two long strands frame her face and a set of tufts covers her forehead, the longest one reaching her nose. She pulls her hair up into a spiky, upward ponytail. She is slim, but also muscular from her years as a soldier, though she has always been physically fit. She is also one of the tallest characters in the series, standing at 195 cm (6'4"), only one cm shorter than Mike Zacharias and three cm taller than Bertotlt Hoover, the tallest of the 104th Training Squad. She is usually shown in her Survey Corps uniform with a white, buttoned up shirt under it. While on missions, she also wears the dark green Survey Corps cloak.

When Nakasuky was younger, she had short hair, and two thin locks framed her face rather than the braids she currently has, resembling Ymir. She wore a baggy dark green cardigan over a sleeveless bodysuit type piece of clothing. and dark colored boots. She constantly carried around two daggers hidden in her cardigan.

Titan FormEdit

Nakasuky's Titan Form has a distinct feminine build, being the only other Titan besides Annie Leonhart's Female Titan to have this feature. It is large and physically fit. Her hair is spiked, but still in a ponytail. She is also armored with a hard, black metal secured wuth colored wires, resembling a cyborg. She is one of the few Titan Shifters who can actually speak in their Titan Form, though her voice is very low, hoarse, and sometimes difficult to understand. Her teeth are sharp and her ears are pointed, like fictional elves.


Nakasuky is passionate fighting, training, and killing things. She is very violent when fighting and often uses violence as communication, shown when she punched Eren Yeager as a greeting to welcome him into the Survey Corps. She is also very strong, and the rookie taking her on in combat is a good way for them to end up in the infirmary. The only person she has not been able to defeat is Levi Ackerman.

Nakasuky is very sensitive about her past. She hasn't shared it with anyone and hardly lets anyone refer to her by her nickname, Suky. She insists that everyone below her call her Zen-sama (Captain Zen), and everyone at her rank and above refer to her as Zen-san (Zen). Very few people have called her anything else and lived to tell the tale. She is described as Spartan-minded. These traits make her the polar opposite of her name.

Nakasuky tends to be more open to people who have known her for a long time, such as Levi, Erwin Smith, and Hanji Zoe. These three were the only three who knew about her Titan Shifting powers, but still accepted her. She can be self-conscious when it comes to her powers, even with the ones who knew. When everyone else found out, she seriously considered letting the transformation fully consume her.


Nakasuky lived in Wall Sheena with unknown parents or legal guardian. She was captured by a group of scientists, one of which was a Titan Shifter, because of her potential. That night, she was injected with the Titan Serum, triggering her transformation into a Titan. She ate the Titan Shifter and the scientist before turning back into a human. She was ready to kill herself, but was stopped by Erwin Smith, who convinced her to keep on kiving and invited her to join the Survey Corps. She vowed never to use her Titan Shifting abilities unless absolutely necessary.

At the Survey Corps, Nakasuky quickly rose up the ranks until she was a squad leader. She and Mike Zacharias accompanied Erwin to capture Levi Ackerman. She helped capture Levi's companions, Furlan Church and Isabel Magnolia. When fighting Levi, she accidently turned into a Titan when Erwin accidently cut her and almost ate the three thugs, but was cut out of the nape by Erein and Mike. Levi tried to kill her, but was stopped by everyone else.

After that mission, Nakasuky trained outside the wall, and became the most skillful Titan Shifter. Levi acted hostile towards her because of her abilities, untik he learned that she was forcefully injected eith the serum. The fights between them became a regular part of their training, but it was kept secret.

When Hanji Zoe joined the Survey Corps, Nakasuky supported her, and she became a captain. She trusted her cousin enough to tell her about her Titan Shifting powers, and Hanji agreed to keep the secret. During this time, Nakasuky made some regular visits to the Yeager house. Even though most of the time when she talked to Grisha Yeager, it turned into an argument, she was aware of his plan to make Eren a Titan Shifter.


Battle for Trost DistrictEdit

Nakasuky leaves with the Survey Corps on an expedition, riding next to her cousin Hanji Zoe and Levi Ackerman. People in the crowd admire the latter, and Nakasuky laughs at the joke Hanji makes, that the crowd would be disappointed if they knew he (Levi) was a clean freak. She rides behind Commander Erwin Smith. After departure, Nakasuky swings around the abandoned town, killing Titans in her path.

During the expedition, Nakasuky, Levi, and Hanji find a fallen Survey Corps member named Ilse Langnar who died in the 39th expedition. They find her journal, which described her encounter with a Titan that spoke to her.

Female TitanEdit

Nakasuky, Hanji, and Mike Zacharias are assigned to take Eren Yeager to the courthouse for a trial in front of the Military. During the trial, Nakasuky stands next to Levi and Erwin. She yells at angry merchants who believe Mikasa Ackerman is a Titan Shifter. When Levi starts beating up Eren, Nakasuky tries to intervene, but Levi kicks her back. After the trial, Hanji patches up Nakasuky's nose, which has been broken. Nakasuky then explains to Eren that Levi sees violence as means of communication.

After this, Nakasuky walked in the hallway with Eren, and once she was sure they were alone, she tells him that she can help him with his Titan Shifting powers. She tells him that drawing blood is the trigger for the transformation, and that the key to keeping his head during the transformation is to have a clear head before the transformation. When he asked how she knew all this, Nakasuky admitted that she had the same ability, and only Erwin, Levi, and Hanji knew about it, and that if he told anyone else, she would personally eat him.

Nakasuky, her squad, Levi's squad, and Eren head to the old headquarters of the Survey Corps. When Levi makes them clean the whole place, Nakasuky "stood guard" for most of the time. She and Petra Ral talked a bit to Eren about Levi. That night, they discussed the strategy. When Hanji arrived, Nakasuky stayed for bit before leaving, saying that she needed the sleep. The next morning, the Special Operations Squad and the Battle Legion go over the strategy before setting out.

Both Nakasuky and Levi's squads are placed in the center.



Nakasuky's most well-known ability is her master of swordsmanship. She carries four packs of three swords, and can fight with all twelve if she deems necessary, doing the right spins and twists to hit the target and not cut the ropes on the maneuvering equipment. She is very formidable even with just one sword, earning her the epithet "Swordswoman Zen".

Vertical Maneuvering EquipmentEdit

Nakasuky is high skilled with the equipment. She is shown using the equipment in almost every battle she's in, even though using it usually means more work for her, since she has to maneuver her swords away from the strings.

Aerial AcrobaticsEdit

Nakasuky is skilled with aerial acrobatics. She knows the right twists and turns so that her loose swords hits her target and not her allies or maneuvering gears strings.

Martial ArtsEdit

Nakasuky is good at hand-to-hand combat, but still prefers to use swords in combat. However, she will revert to physical combat when deemed necessary. If she is fighting a trainee or a member of the Survey Corps other than Levi, she uses martial arts instead of swords.

Titan ShiftingEdit

When she was young, Nakasuky was forcefully injected with a Titan Shifting serum. It turned her into the large Electric Titan. She went on a rampage and killed all of the scientists there. When she returned to human form, she attempted to kill herself, but was stopped by Erwin Smith, who invited her to join the Survey Corps. She vowed never to use her Titan Shifting powers unless absolutely necessary.

Nakasuky's titan form is muscular with a feminine build, armored with titanium connencted by colored wires. Her hair is spiked but still in a ponytail, and her ears are pointed. She is the only Titan Shifter who can still talk in Titan Form, but it is very low, hoarse, and hollow.

Nakasuky has trained her body to only shift into Titan form when she bites her hand. She also can interact with others while in Titan Form, indicating that she is very skilled at controlling it. It is revealed that while she is not the strongest Shifter, she is the most skilled.

  • Regeneration: Nakasuky's Titan Form can instantly heal any wound and regrow any missing limb in the matter of a minute.
  • Physically Enhanced: In this form, Nakasuky is stronger and more durable. She can go head to head against Titans and Titan Shifters.
  • Electrokinesis: Nakasuky has demonstrated the ability to control electricity in this form, hence the name "Electric Titan".


  • Levi Ackerman: Nakasuky shares a close and complex relationship with Levi Ackerman, humanity's strongest soldier. At first, Nakasuky challenged Levi to a fight, and during the fight, accidently turned into a Titan and almost killed him. It took a while for Levi to accept her, since she was a Titan Shifter. After she had more control over her power, she continued fightinf against Levi as training, though she always lost. Nakasuky can sometimes rudely approach him, since she ranks near him. Levi is slightly more open to her during the story years. Additionally, he is the only person other than Hanji and Erwin to ever see Nakasuky cry.
    • It is hinted that she is romantically attracted to him, but it is not definite.
  • Hanji Zoe: Hanji Zoe is Nakasuky's cousin and one of her closest friends. She is more open to her than others. Hanji accepted her when she was a Titan Shifter. Nakasuky can be irritated by Hanji's eccentricity, but she trusts her theories on the Titans. She considers Hanji one of the smartest people she knows when it came to Titans. Hanji is also one of the few people to see Nakasuky in tears.
  • Erwin Smith: Erwin Smith stopped Nakasuky from commiting suicide after her rampage at the lab. As her superior officer, she respects him and follows his orders, even if she doesn't always agree with him. She was distraught upon learning about his death. He is one of the three who has seen Nakasuky cry.
  • Eren Yeager: Nakasuky is rather close to Eren Yeager. She interractedwuth him a couole times when he was too small to remember when she stopped at his house. When he became one of the scouts, she gave him adive on how to control his Titan form, and even trusted him with her secret powers, thiugh she threatened to eat him if he shared the information. Despite this, they became very close, and sometimes fool around together. She shares his passion for killing the Titans.
  • Mikasa Ackerman: At forst, Nakasuky believes that Mikasa was just like Levi, cold and emotionless, but she saw that Mikasa was different from Levi. Still, the two haven't shown much interactions yet.
  • Armin Alert
  • Emma Seccaben
  • Battle Legion
  • Special Operations Squad

Battle LegionEdit

Nakasuky is the leader of the Battle Legion, the elite squad made of the ones she considers to be the best fighters. When new trainees come in, Nakasuky takes some the best fighters to join her squad.


  • Roy Vaxis
  • Cleo Brown
  • Emma Seccaben
  • Lester Jax
  • Shin Palpodos
  • Reyna Ario

Former MembersEdit

  • Ymir

People KilledEdit

  • Seven scientists that injected her with Titan serum.
  • A Titan Shifter

Failed AttemptsEdit

  • Levi Ackerman (as a Titan)
  • Annie Leonhart


  • Nakasuky's exact age is unknown, but it is hinted that it is somewhere between 25 and 35.
  • Nakasuky is the third strongest character after Levi Ackerman and Mike Zacharias.
  • Nakasuky is the second tallest character un the series, being onoy a centimeter shorter than Mike and three centimeters taller than Bertolt Hoover.


"Do you think I wanted to become a Titan Shifter? Do you think I planned to get tied down and injected with the serum?? Do you think I planned to become an abomination???"
-to Levi Ackerman regarding her Titan Shifting ability

"What about the hundreds of witnesses from the Garrison regiment who saw him block the cannonfire? I'd like to see you counter that!"
-to a merchant during Eren Yeager's trial