Lucie Esmé Sophie Squalor is the fashionable and mean-tempered daughter of Jerome and Esmé Squalor. She is a relatively major antagonist of the series and starts to help Count Olaf stalk and torment the Baudelaires. Like her mother, she is obsessed with all things 'in.'


Lucie is very much like her mother, being vain and self-centered. She is obsessed with popularity and looking good in front of other people. She also seems to have a level of sadism and enjoys watching others get hurt. She is very callous, capricious, and foul-tempered.


Lucie has long, wavy dark hair and light green eyes. She is often wearing fashionable and "in" outfits.



  • The name Lucie is the French form of the Latin name Lucy, which means light.
  • Esmé is Lucie's mother's name, which means "esteemed"
  • Sophie means wisdom.
  • Squalor is not a name, but a noun that means "a state of being extremely dirty and unpleasant, especially as a result of poverty or neglect." This is ironic, as while Lucie is unpleasant, she is rich.


  • Lucie speaks with an English accent, though it's unknown if it's natural or if she does this because English accents are "in."