Jocelyn Kane is the only child of Amos Kane, the niece of Julius and Ruby Kane, and the older cousin of Carter and Sadie Kane. She is one of the three most powerful magicians in the world, along with her father and Carter. She is also a host of Set.


Jocelyn was born at the First Nome in Egypt, but moved to the Twenty-First Nome in Brooklyn. She is two years older than her cousin Carter Kane. She was trained as a magician when she was five. She was skilled with chaos magic, something which made her feared but also rejected at the same time. She was a skilled magician overall and everyone believed that she would become one of the strongest magicians, and therefore people tried to sabotage her, with no luck. She hosted a part of Set when he was first released, as they understand each other more than they think.


Jocelyn resembles Amos, being very tall and lithe. She has dark skin, brown eyes lined with kohl, and long black hair which she tends to braid with gems that match her outfit, a trait inherited from her father. She enjoys wearing dark colors and is usually shown frowning or scowling. Her outfits are normally practical and monochromatic, but she can be pretty when she makes an effort.


Jocelyn Kane is very serious and rather quiet, which means when she speaks up, people tend to listen. But this also does not mean that she is not bold; Jocelyn is very audicious and brave. She is very stubborn, but kind and caring. She is also pretty easygoing with newbies, and other magicians say that she is a good teacher. She is a strong magician, achieving the second most powerful magician in the world. She is very loyal to those she follows, making her similar to Set. When he questions her if she'd exact revenge on someone who defeated her leaders, she answers "yes". She has a slightly dark and sarcastic sense of humor, like Set.


Hieroglyphic Spells: Like almost every other magician, Jocelyn can cast normal hieroglyphic spells. However, her level of skill is equivalent to that of Desjardins and Amos. She also has a good knowledge and understanding of the different glyphs and symbols. She can check and loosen traps as well.

Divine Words: Jocelyn can use some divine words, though the one she usually uses is "destroy".

Duat Travel: Jocelyn has shown the ability to travel through Duat using the family boat.

Animal Charming: Jocelyn is shown to be able to transform her staff into either a wolf or a serpent. Both animals are very strong and can rip monsters to pieces.

Path of SetEdit

Storm Magic: By channeling the power of Set, Jocelyn can project red lightning, cast massive waves of sand, summon tornadoes and hurricanes. She became so powerful that she became feared by some people in the First Nome. Her power is strongest while hosting Set and using the Set avatar.

Eye of SetEdit

Jocelyn hosted a part of Set, but she made sure to stay in control. Here are the abilities she only acquired as the host of Set:

Combat Magic: Jocelyn hosts Set and used the Set avatar. Her appearance is a mix between a sandstorm and fire, much like Apophis except less chaotic. When using the Set avatar, Jocelyn has a high resistance to storm magic and can use her own whilst maintaining the combat avatar. However, Jocelyn can only use the Set avatar for a short time as she also has to restrain Set from destroying everything.

Fire Magic: Because Set has certain control over fire, Jocelyn was able to use powerful fire magic.

Tools and ItemsEdit

Tools of the Magician: Jocelyn possesses a toolkit including

  • A staff that she uses as offense.