Sea Devil Chlorine C. Will, real name Owain Will, is a former member of the Element 5, his corresponding element being water. He is currently the tactician of the Straw Hat Pirates. His current bounty is 55,000,000 Beli. He has eaten the Mizu Mizu no Mi.


Will has touseled blue hair, lighter than Lux's. He has dark brown eyes flecked with gold that are often mistaken for black. He is rather thin, since he is not a short range combatant, but he is very smart and can be seen wearing glasses at times.

Before TimeskipEdit

Will usually wears the same clothing, as most of the others do. He wears a dark blue hooded jacket with white hood strings. He wears a light red shirt underneath, along with dark blue pants tucked into black boots.

After TimeskipEdit

Will is taller and more muscular, but he is still slim. He wears overall the same clothes as before, with a single shortsword in a sheath tied to his belt.


Will is a kind-hearted individual. He puts the safety of others above his own and is quick to defend anyone. Many people have stated that he is not the one to kill. Zirconium R. Erik has stated that he (Will) is "too kind" sometimes.