Atalanta is a supporting character in Once Upon a Time. She is a demigod daughter of Athena and a former Argonaut and a former member of Killian Jones's pirate crew. She was loyal to Victoire Devereaux and became the first mate of the Jungle Lords. She does not have a Storybrooke counterpart.


Atalanta is the youngest member of the crew, being 20 years old. She has wavy blonde hair and gray eyes. She is small and petite, often making her look like a teenager. She is described to have smooth, pale skin. She usually keeps her hair loose.

Atalanta wears either white or black. In Neverland, she wore a Greek style dress with a gold belt. In Storybrooke, she wears either a white halter top or black studded biker jacket, both accompanied with ripped jeans and combat boots.


Atalanta is a strong woman. She used to be open to love, but is now distant and aloof since Jason just used her for his own personal gain. She is very good friends with Victoire and is the first mate of the crew. She hates when people underestimate her because of her size and age. She unleashes her full anger and beats the enemy to a pulp. She uses her size to an advantage, being agile and quick on her feet.