Agatha Denouement was the quadruplet sister of Dewey, Frank, and Ernest Denouement. She was a noble member of the V.F.D.


When Agatha and her brothers were four, the Schism happened. On her fifth birthday, she and her brothers were taken by the V.F.D. to begin their training. Shortly after, their family home burned down and her parents perished in the fire, presumably set by Count Olaf.

Agatha became a long standing friend of the Snickets, especially Kit Snicket.

At some point during a mission, Agatha slipped a box of poison darts to Kit Snicket, who in turn gave it to Beatrice Baudelaire. This is implied to be the weapons that left Count Olaf an orphan. She is also implied to be the one who destroyed Fernald Widdershin's hands.

A Series of Unfortunate EventsEdit

The Penultimate PerilEdit

Agatha accompanied Kit Snicket in the taxi to take the Baudelaires to Hotel Denouement, where they will give them their mission during brunch. She also went undercover at the hotel and tried to distinguish her brothers Frank and Ernest. She was fatally shot by Esmé Squalor and fell off the roof of the hotel.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Agatha has short dark hair and dark eyes and often wears long dark coats. Like most other senior V.F.D. members, she has the tattoo of an eye, which is really the symbol of the V.F.D.


  • Agatha is named after the author Agatha Christie, while "denouement" references the conclusion of a book.
  • She tells Fernald Widdershins that "[she] gave [him] [his] hooks, and [she] can take them away." This either means that she is the one who destroyed his hands, or she gave him his hooks. It is most likely the former, though.